In the past, we used the network to handle the freight that we didn’t want to manage ourselves. But over recent years, the market has changed and now UPN is a critical part of our business. Now that the concept is more widely understood and clients know how it works, it has become something that we promote widely. The technology behind it works well and our customers lover. The on-line KPI reporting allows them to check the performance any time they want on-line. The recession has boosted demand for smaller consignments and the quality of service has driven many larger purchasers to move from dedicated transport to the network model. The new hub has proven its worth and the network can cope with the peaks and troughs we deal with regularly. at the start, we put about 10 percent of our freight through UPN and today, it handles closer to 70 percent of our freight. That says a lot about our confidence in the quality of service.

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